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I am so bad at this...

Why I decided to start a blog on our site is beyond me. I guess I heard that it helps SEO. Who is Seo anyway, some rapper? Why does he need help? Oh well. I like to help so I might as well keep typing. 

I've been running True Artist for 8 years now. I figure it's time to start doing new things. I have built such a great crew and our reputation for organic storytelling is solid. Now I guess I have time to invest in other things that are important to me. Helping other business owners is one of them. I spend time volunteering for an organization called Ocean Programs helping to facilitate their Harbor Small Business Training courses along with producing video content for marketing as well as training content for internal use.

If you are a "wantrepreneur", just starting out or an existing business owner, you should definitely check out this course. It is 110% worth the investment. You gain a platform, training and education as well as a network to help grow and a community to keep you from being lonely.  

~ Shane

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