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New services through True Artists Studio 📼📽📀

So I started my career, you could say, in high school. Creatively, I was writing songs and playing music in a band. Technically, I was working an after school job as a film projectionist at a movie theatre. I loved being creative AND learning tech. I always get asked by clients if I do tape and film transfers. Well, yes it’s been a hobby of mine for a very long time. I’ve never officially made it a service we offer though…. Until now! This is our official press release of our new service. If you have old vhs tapes, vhs-c, video8, hi8, miniDV, svhs, hdv, even old 8mm and super8 film reels… we can save them for you! Transferring them to DVD or USB thumb drives will make your old home movies more accessible AND it will preserve them digitally which saves these precious memories for generations to come. All for only $3 per tape! If you are interested, email me to get the ball rolling.

Let’s transfer those boxes of tapes to last a lifetime!

- Shane

owner, True Artists Studio

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