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The Struggles & The Strengths

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Another thing that I have put more time into is my kids. My kids are tough to handle. They struggle in school big time. They have some emotional issues. They have a little bit of social anxiety as well. I go to progress meetings on the regular to discuss their learning. 20 minutes of homework turns into 60. It's emotionally draining. However, I am reminded of my own experience as a child. I was awful in academics. I had no one to help me. No one had time. So I am making time for them. I share with them my story of struggle in school and that life won't always be this hard. I hope it teaches them to push through. I hope they see their strengths and not just their struggles.

Madelyn (11) is my artist. She excels at creating. From concept to execution to distribution, she has an idea for all of it. She loves painting, crafts, clothing design and song writing. She might just be able to take True Artist to the next level when she grows up. Or she will do something way better than that terrible idea. She performs with the Cincinnati Children's Choir and in the summer is on our pool's swim team. She has a love for Jesus too. 

Conner (8) is a homebody who has an amazing imagination and loves super hero stories. This kid can tell you about any Marvel character. Even the obscure ones like Scarlet-Spider, Spiderman 2099, and Agent Venom. He's pretty big into Star Wars as well. He's a kid after my own heart. I've even got him hooked on 80's pro wrestling. He enjoys karate and asked Jesus in his heart last summer. He's still growing into who he wants to be. He's definitely not afraid to tell you how he feels. 

Bennett (2) has many physical issues but he smiles all the time. He loves being with his siblings and imitating their every move. He goes to speech therapy once a week, physical therapy once every other week and he has some kidney problems that we have to monitor. But God has something amazing in store for him. He was meant to be.

I love them all. They all will have strengths and struggles. I hope I can be a blueprint for them so they can see that no matter how much struggle their is, always look to your strengths. If I can go from barely graduating high school to running a six figure business, I think they will be fine. In fact, they will do greater things than I ever will. 


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